7 Best Online trading platforms for Investing

7 trading platforms for traiders

You have recently learned what online trading is through our guide and would like to get some tips on which trading platform to choose for investment. We have selected seven of the best online trading platforms where you can invest your capital.

Before introducing you to the best brokers for online trading, we want to remind you that making investment decisions requires reading documentation and basic knowledge about financial instruments.

CFD Trading

Before we learn about various financial services, it is good to know that the brokers represented use CFDs: Contracts for difference. What is CFD? In short, it is a tool for working with securities and commodities without actually owning the stocks or raw materials in which you invest. Working in this way, you can freely speculate on the increase or decrease in prices for foreign currencies and other types of securities.

CFDs offer leverage for investing capital in excess of what you actually own; this method, if, on the one hand, allows you to make a large profit, on the other hand, increases capital losses.

Now let's move on to the top seven online trading platforms listed in alphabetical order.



XTB is a broker that correctly approached the satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of its clients. The broker's proprietary trading platform is designed for all types of traders, but for those who prefer it, there is also an MT4 platform.


Avatrade was one of the first brokers to open for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The trading platform has a website entirely in Italian, it uses the Meta Trader 4 application, with which it allows its clients to trade in markets normally handled by online brokers, including the Forex sector. The broker is equipped with a new trading academy called Sharp Trader and an innovative vanilla options platform called AvaOptions.

The Avatrade broker is regulated on all five continents: in South Africa it is regulated from the FSB; in Australia from Asia; in Japan from the FSA and FFAJ; in Europe from the central Bank of Ireland; in America from the British Virgin Islands.

Customer support is available via live chat, Italian landline phone number or email; a question and answer area is also available.


Despite the name, BDSwiss is headquartered in Cyprus, where it is regulated by CySEC, but is also present in Germany and the United States of America to operate in this market and eventually in the islands of Mauritius.

The easy-to-use platform offers basic analysis tools such as an economic calendar and an internal journal with economic and financial news. A self-study training area is available, accompanied by an active customer support area via email or via an Italian landline number.

The platform is prepared for use via a computer or on the go by downloading the appropriate applications from stores.


The eToro trading service became famous for having decided to turn a classic trading platform into a social trading: on the one hand, investments, and on the other hand, the exchange of strategies between experienced and less experienced traders. The choice, of course, was a great success in the historical period when social networks unite people around interests better than other forms of web communication.

The broker also distinguished himself with the CopyFund technique, that is, the ability to copy the investment strategy of another trader, speculatively applying it to his account. According to the data provided by the same company, this method is more effective and successful than a single strategy.

The Italian-language website, with customer support and training area, also accepts PayPal as a deposit method.


The online broker Markets platform has become known over the past few years thanks to an intensive advertising campaign on the Internet. The platform is in Italian and, like other platforms, allows you to trade commodities, Forex, stocks and indices.

The brand, owned by Playtech PLC, is a public company on the London Stock Exchange and heads a group of companies in the field of finance and online gaming.

The online trading platform offers quantitative analysis and big data tools equipped with regulated certificates for work obtained by CySEC Cyprus.

Broker Markets is one of the few who accepts PayPal as a method of depositing funds for investment.

As for the usability, the trading service comes with a Web Trader application and a mobile application.


Among the most famous online trading services, Plus500 is one of the most graphically optimized services. The trading platform is accessible from a desktop computer or through an application, a unique case, also supports Windows phone.

Plus500 is registered and regulated in many countries. Plus500 is licensed to operate in New Zealand, Europe through the Cyprus Financial Authority, in the UK by the FCA, in Singapore by the city-state Monetary Authority and in South Africa by the FSCA.

The website is in Italian, and round-the-clock customer support is also available in Italian.

Think Markets

Think Markets broker is less well-known than the previous ones, but he was able to conquer his market. It operates through offices in the UK and Australia, where it is regulated. The website is designed exclusively in English, so it is aimed at an audience that speaks little English. However, customer support is offered in several languages.

It should be known that the broker does not have permits in states within the European Union, for this reason, before starting a business, it is good to learn about the rules that also apply to the tax return.


Here ends the presentation of the seven best online trading platforms, they are, of course, not all the best, undoubtedly the most famous and used in Italy.

We end with a series of questions and answers that may prove useful.

Questions and answers

What types of currencies can you deposit?
Usually the euro and the US dollar are the two compulsory currencies accepted by brokers, other currencies may be accepted, in which case contact the relevant customer support services.


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