do the famous wireless headphones cause "high level waves" in the brain?

Are AirPods dangerous for the brain?

According to a Twitter post, the famous wireless headphones will cause "high level waves" in the brain.

In addition, a recent study by the National Frequency Agency contradicts these claims.

There is a fight against 5G, and then a fight against the waves sent by Bluetooth technology. This time they are targeting AirPods that work thanks to Bluetooth. According to a tweet posted on May 2nd, these wireless earbuds will be a health hazard. "Apple has probably killed more people than Pfizer," claims the author of the publication, based on two different sources.

Team video and petition to WHO

In the first video, a man demonstrates a skeleton using a wave measuring device. After the AirPod approaches the skull of this skeleton, the car starts the race. The aim is to prove that inserting these earphones into the ear canal results in direct contact of the brain with the waves. The second tweet then links to an article from the news site Ulyces. Published in March 2019, it is actually just a copy of an article from the American media Tech Times, which refers back to a petition signed by 250 scientists and addressed to the World Health Organization (WHO). The latest "claim that AirPods increase cancer risk".

Twitter screenshot

First of all, this begs the question: where is this video embedded in the tweet from? It was produced by Safe Tech for Santa Rosa, "a group of ordinary citizens living in Santa Rosa", California, whose goal is to "raise awareness of wireless technology issues". . In short, the American collective is strongly opposed to Bluetooth technology, which, according to it, "breaks DNA, leading to an increased risk of certain types of cancer", causes "neurological deficits"< /em> or "may be fatal to birds". This team does not claim any scientific expertise or lab tests to reach these conclusions.

According to the Tech Times, the petition was written by 250 scientists in favor of the WHO. But actually this forum does not say that AirPods are dangerous to health. In addition, its first version was released in 2015, a year before the commercialization of Apple headphones. And even in its 2019 update, the petition is concerned about the health effects of RF exposure, but does not mention Bluetooth technology or devices connected to it. As Ann Sasko, a cancer epidemiologist and signer of the 2015 petition, confirmed that year, there were no research studies on the effects of "Bluetooth and its RF waves" at the time. "The risk of cancer is not scientifically proven," she told Le Parisien.

The study has since been published in France. And it indicates that headphones protect better from waves than a simple mobile phone screwed to your ear. This conclusion was reached by the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) in January last year, which tested the impact of electromagnetic waves on the population, in particular the impact of headphones. She recommends the use of headsets "to reduce exposure to RF waves emitted by mobile phones." And confirms that the use of these kits, "wired or wireless, reduces maximum exposure by about 10 times compared to using the phone directly at the ear".


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