Utilities and web services that will help with blockchain stats.

Blockchain stats. Useful websites and utilities.

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology are not a hobby of several dozen enthusiasts but have formed into a powerful ecosystem, the development of which is difficult to follow. At the same time, along with the development of the blockchain payment system, there have been many different tools that allow analyzing cryptocurrency and blockchain stats and monitoring the data online. Many Bitcoin holders even use the information they received to make their own forecast for the development of the digital industry.

Now we will try to identify the main online resources that allow you to monitor the stats of the cryptocurrency network. Some of them allow you to monitor and display graphs of protocol correction, while others specifically follow digital coins. In addition, numerous cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies reviewers have created analytical techniques that provide an opportunity to competently assess the current state of the blockchain ecosystem.

Main cryptocurrency and blockchain reviewers

With the help of cryptocurrency and blockchain reviewers, you can examine the transactions that have been conducted since the appearance of the blockchain. Initially, there were only a few such services but now there plenty of choice.

Blockchain info

The website is considered the oldest blockchain reviewer. As an additional option, you can enter the address of the Bitcoin-wallet to get all the information, transaction history, identifiers and other data. In addition, the resource allows you to find out the commission, the number of confirmations and the volume of the block. Also Blockchain info provides information in graphs and stats. Any user can find out everything about the mining, block and all processes in the payment system. Most often, people come here to for the actual price of Bitcoin, the current volume of the pools, the average size of the blocks and many other characteristics of the system.


The service is one of the blockchain browsers and is considered a very accurate tool for analyzing the distributed registry. Like other similar platforms, it makes it possible to track cryptocurrency transactions. In addition, the website explores various models of cryptocurrency behavior, which are displayed in charts, and special tools allow you to study the trajectory of the digital money development.

Services that display network stats


You will be able to analyze the stats of the cryptocurrency network online. Information panels provide an opportunity to monitor the payment system nodes, current capacity, commissions and other performance indicators. This is one of the first online resources of this kind and it has been demonstrating the behavior of the network without failures.

Bitcoin Wisdom

This graphic service has a lot of experience and is one of the most popular resources in its field. Price charts of the platform reflect the cryptocurrency prices at numerous trading floors, for example, Kraken, Bitfinex and others. Bitcoin Wisdom displays information about the complexity of the network, the amounts of hash rate and other data.


This website shows a large number of diagrams, which inform you not only of the past but also of the future of Bitcoin. The Tradeblock interface provides an opportunity to study the current number of operations and extracted blocks as well as other information about the network. The service tracks the situation in the Ethereum blockchain.


Here there is a clear visualization tool for operations in the network and personal Bitcoins-addresses. The platform demonstrates the whole path of the cryptocurrency displaying it at the expense of the blockchain on special diagrams.


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Blockchain stats. Useful websites and utilities.
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Blockchain stats. Useful websites and utilities.
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