Broker Squire's Finance Limited on current trends in the cryptocurrency market

Future Trends in Cryptocurrency: Expert Insights from Squire's Finance Limited

 In 2022, everyone had to face cryptozyma. It was a period of extended price decline. But the world does not stand still, new solutions and prospects emerge, forming modern trends in the Forex market. This article, written with the support of experts from broker Squire's Finance Limited, will talk about popular trends. 

What to expect from the cryptocurrency market in 2023?

The number of institutional investors will increase. This trend can be quite prolonged, because a significant number of companies start to invest in digital currency, issuing their own cryptocurrency products.

Broker Squire’s Finance Limited and a number of other experts predict an even greater development of the DeFi market. In 2023, the structure may become quite competitive for conventional financial services. However, Squire’s Finance Limited experts remind that the scam has not gone away and investors need to be careful.

Given the events of last year and the collapse of FTX (the largest centralized exchange) \ DEX (decentralized trading platforms) have become more in demand. Based on this, it is safe to assume that in the future the cryptocurrency market will be significantly dominated by DeFi.

Experts at broker Squire's Finance Limited believe that one of the trends will be the NFT. They have been popular lately and so it is likely that investor interest will grow and new platforms and products will become more common. Plus, it will let artists to take their work to the next level by selling it on blockchain.

Other trends in the cryptocurrency market also include:

Broker Squire's Finance Limited believes that competition will increase due to the popularity of the digital asset. New projects will appear, attracting the attention of investors from all over the world.

What will happen to the cryptocurrency market next year? Assumes broker Squire's Finance Limited

It is clear that this segment will continue to develop rapidly, causing more and more interest, setting new trends. Most likely in 2024 we will be able to observe the following:

Analytics at broker Squire's Finance Limited believe that the cryptocurrency ecosystem will develop in 2024, helped by the emergence of projects and technologies. New services and applications will give a number of additional features and simplify users' lives. Telegram payments will also develop, providing the necessary tools and preserving customer anonymity.


In 2023, the cryptocurrency market recorded a couple important trends. First of all, the capitalization of digital currencies increased, reaching certain highs. There was also a trend of growth in the number of users, investors. This is due to the expansion of the ecosystem and a number of other reasons. Plus, there is a trend of using blockchain technology outside the financial world.

Experts at broker Squire's Finance Limited believe that the crypto market will remain dynamic, but still remain quite unstable, because it changes, attracts new participants and it is likely that some current trends will continue. They are sure that very soon it will be possible to observe the development of the ecosystem, as well as, the release of new products and the launch of interesting projects. Companies will be able to stay in the trend if they provide the client with the necessary tools and create comfortable conditions.


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