Honest Capital is a scam of honest people. honestcapital.pro broker reviews

Honest Capital review. Scam, cheating traders.

From time to time there are brands that provide brokerage services in the Forex financial market. To help users understand who they can trust, our experts have written a review of Honest Capital, which offers services in the UK.

Our experts have examined the official website honestcapital.pro, data from available databases.

Honestcapital.pro website - Overview

honestcapital.pro - a standard site with a minimum amount of data. A potential client is immediately offered to get acquainted with the tariffs, register and “start earning”.

Contact information - phone number and address.

No information was found about work experience, received contracts and official papers, ways of working with clients.

In addition, for the honestcapital.pro review, our experts analyzed the domain data. We found that it has been registered for less than 30 days.

More information can be found in your personal account.

Because of this, it can be firmly argued that very little information is presented on the website honestcapital.pro, which accordingly arouses suspicion.


Honest Capital overview - company's legal address

Having checked the address written on the official website honestcapital.pro, our employees have identified many publications about illegal transactions, also related to scams in the Forex market.

We have not found evidence that an official organization is registered at the legal address with honestcapital.pro.

In addition, it raises concerns that Honest Capital's address is not in the UK, where the brand operates, but in another country.

Honest Capital Review - Phone Number

After examining the phone number, our experts found references to its use in shady activities. Previously, the phone number was also used by scammers trying to pose as brokers in the Forex financial market.

Honest Capital Review - Web Mentions

The next part of the honestcapital.pro review is the analysis of mentions in the network. On the honestcapital.pro website, our staff found a number of similar, false reviews with fake faces and non-existent names.

In the search engines, the results showed our experts a significant number of bad reviews and reviews of Honest Capital.

Most often, users talk about the inability to withdraw funds, the disgusting work of programs, and the boorish behavior of the administration.

Therefore, if you look at the reviews on the Internet, Honest Capital are scammers.

Honestcapital.pro Account Creation Bonuses

Most often, young firms selling services on Forex give gifts to registered people for registration. As a rule, these are some positive gifts, namely, recommendations from analysts. However, on the honestcapital.pro website and in advertisements, we found references to gifts in the amount of the initial deposit. You must be aware that this is the money that the broker provides to traders to work on the Forex financial market, and not invented tokens that do not go beyond the system.

This is extremely suspicious because with such gifts, the time to receive income from the client is delayed, at a significant cost.

Theoretically, we can conclude that the reason is the unusual kindness of Honest Capital, but in reality everything is much simpler. Funds are not withdrawn outside the system, since all the work of Honest Capital is a scam.

Account types for Honest Capital

It is possible to find several types of accounts on the Honest Capital website, which differ not only in the features of the work, but also in the size of the initial deposits. This is a common technique for pushing customers to make significant deposits, buying a premium type of account.

You may be sold individual specialist assistance, insured transactions, access to insider information. But, all this is a hoax, needed only to knock out money.

You need to know that no matter how many deposits you transfer, they will go to criminals, since Honest Capital are scammers.


Leverage is a standard tool for conducting transactions on the Forex market, which makes it possible to conduct transactions for an amount much larger than the user has. The missing investments are borrowed from an Internet broker. Companies that provide their users with the opportunity to make transactions with significant leverage are at great risk, because of this they only give this opportunity to verified traders. But Honest Capital are criminals, so they use leverage to drive their clients into loans and demand repayment of a fake loan.

Deposit return time

Traders trade on the Forex market to earn income. Naturally, this is not feasible without the possibility of withdrawing money. So the question is born: "what are the terms for withdrawing deposits from Honest Capital"? On the website, we found information that the withdrawal of money is made without delay and without commissions. In practice, even large, legal Internet brokers do not always give such working conditions. What is the setup?

The fact that Honest Capital are criminals and do not plan to provide users with the opportunity to receive investments. Therefore, Honest Capital will promise better conditions. But all their suggestions are empty words.

Reviews predate Honest Capital's website

As we said above, the Honest Capital website was created in less than thirty days. However, on well-known portals, you can find references three months ago.

Most likely, Honest Capital specialists paid for false mentions on well-known portals before starting the fraud, so that users would get the feeling that the organization has been operating for a long time.

Part of reviews about Honest Capital:

Honest Capital review - test period

On the website honestcapital.pro there is no demo access to the service, which makes it possible to evaluate the level of services offered.

Honest Capital employees want the client to immediately transfer their personal information to them and pay the lowest payment.

Honest Capital Review - Financial withdrawal

Theoretically, the withdrawal of a user's investment is carried out using a form on the Honest Capital website. It is doubtful that any visitor can use it without a registered account. Accordingly, the application will be studied manually, which is impossible with a serious number of users.

Our staff have come to the conclusion that this form is only intended to demonstrate to potential victims the ability to withdraw funds, but in reality it does not work.


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