Keller Finance Limited is not among the scammers

Is Keller Finance Limited on the list of scams?

Keller Finance Limited is not a scam company and is not on the broker scam list. Keller Finance Limited legit has been officially operating since 2020. All documents are freely available, as well as reporting. There is an official website and information about risks. There is no pressure, clients choose their own account type and investment options. No dubious instruments are used. The broker does not guarantee instant earnings. All commissions are spelled out in the contract.

Keller Finance Limited legit does not work with unregistered users and does not ask for funds to be transferred to employees' bank cards. Payment systems are provided for deposits.

How does Keller Finance Limited work?

A normal broker has a working website with a secure connection. In addition, it doesn't promise a 100% profit. There is free training and a demo account.
Keller Finance Limited legit pleases with a 24-hour helpdesk. It works without a hitch and responds within 30 minutes. All transactions are verifiable. It is possible to trade after the contract has been signed. Informing customers in written form. The fee is determined by the tariff and remains fixed until a new account type is chosen.
All documents and contact details are on the website. The company stands for openness. Therefore, when working with it, you can count on flexible, clear terms and conditions. All details are outlined in the agreement.
The team consists of top specialists. Modern software is used and a mobile version of the website and app is available for trading from a smartphone. An order can also be placed by phone to the broker. All you have to do is call Keller Finance Limited.

How does the quality control department work?

Keller Finance Limited's quality control department helps the service to get better. It responds quickly to customer enquiries, monitors employee communication, conducts evaluations and compiles statistics. It is also responsible for motivation programmes and the development of service standards. There are other tasks performed by the department, namely:

The quality control department works on employee involvement in the communication process. It identifies mistakes and areas for attention. There are quite strict rules here, with their own standards and frameworks. More than 150 people work in the unit to create better customer service. Around 1,000 people have convinced themselves that Keller Finance Limited scam is not true by opening accounts here.

The broker and his attitude to client problems

The company can help with the choice of investment options. It also provides tax consultation.
Clients are always a priority for Keller Finance Limited. If there are any difficulties, you can always contact the support team.

The subdivision is involved:

Clients can count on full support and agreement on strategies. There are no nasty surprises or unaccounted-for payments. If Keller Finance Limited fraud, would they care about the users? You can trust this broker. Its reliability is confirmed by its licenses.


Reviews of forex brokers show that Keller Finance Limited is a good broker. 1000 satisfied customers have opened accounts here. All the terms are transparent and easy to understand. No overpayments or unrecorded payments. The best support service.


Question: -Is the company Keller Finance Limited scam?

Answer: - It is not, because Keller Finance Limited is a SWIFT affiliate, which shows not only that it is a reliable company, but also that it enjoys high status.

Question: - What should I do if there are some difficulties?

The answer: - The fixed contact details for customer support are mentioned above and can also be found on the company's website.

Question: - Should to trust the black lists of brokers?

Answer: - So-called blacklists of brokers are nothing but an unfair method of competition, therefore one should not trust a knowingly false and biased point of view.

Justin Long

Trading with this broker for over two years, and always leave only positive reviews. I am satisfied with the quality of customer service and technical support. I get my money without any problems.

Sharon Collins

I have been working with the company for more than 2 years as everything suits me so far. There are a lot of interesting things to learn from lately. Especially with the impending crisis, well, the coronavirus has also played a role. The markets shook, and in fact for a trader, the best environment to make money is the crisis.

Scott Gray

I was changing broker. I decided to register with BCS. You will laugh, but I could not even master this step. I had a lot of troubles with no problems, scans, documents to certify, so I gave up and did not continue. I have seen on the forum reviews about the ease of opening an account with the new broker Keller Finance Limited and I went there. I did not know how new it was, it had been on the market for a couple of years already. Just not particularly well known, although the reviews are generally positive. So, I registered here in two minutes, poured three hundred dollars, loaded the docks and immediately began trading. I also had some fun with MetaTrader 4, but I just downloaded and installed it. What I like about it is that MT has its own mobile app. It helps me get my trading without having to go anywhere, on the road. The trading conditions are good enough for me. It's good that there are static spreads and no deposit or withdrawal fees. It is clear that here you also have to tinker a little with paperwork. But you have to do it only when you make your first withdrawal, when you've been trading for quite a long time and you're completely familiar with it, not at the very beginning, even before you start trading.

Carl Hoffman

Thanks to this company I have much more experience than I could on any type of training course. I have been working with them for over 7 weeks now and I am extremely satisfied, great support and good software.

Louis Lindsey

Great service. Everything is done for the comfort of the trader to work comfortably. It is very important that there is no slippage when sending orders. Market analysis tools are very powerful. And everything is close by, including the news section. You can also see all of your movements in development.

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