Keller Finance Limited is not among the scammers

Is Keller Finance Limited on the list of scams?

Keller Finance Limited is not a scam company and is not on the broker scam list. Keller Finance Limited legit has been officially operating since 2020. All documents are freely available, as well as reporting. There is an official website and information about risks. There is no pressure, clients choose their own account type and investment options. No dubious instruments are used. The broker does not guarantee instant earnings. All commissions are spelled out in the contract.

Keller Finance Limited legit does not work with unregistered users and does not ask for funds to be transferred to employees' bank cards. Payment systems are provided for deposits.

How does Keller Finance Limited work?

A normal broker has a working website with a secure connection. In addition, it doesn't promise a 100% profit. There is free training and a demo account.
Keller Finance Limited legit pleases with a 24-hour helpdesk. It works without a hitch and responds within 30 minutes. All transactions are verifiable. It is possible to trade after the contract has been signed. Informing customers in written form. The fee is determined by the tariff and remains fixed until a new account type is chosen.
All documents and contact details are on the website. The company stands for openness. Therefore, when working with it, you can count on flexible, clear terms and conditions. All details are outlined in the agreement.
The team consists of top specialists. Modern software is used and a mobile version of the website and app is available for trading from a smartphone. An order can also be placed by phone to the broker. All you have to do is call Keller Finance Limited.

How does the quality control department work?

Keller Finance Limited's quality control department helps the service to get better. It responds quickly to customer enquiries, monitors employee communication, conducts evaluations and compiles statistics. It is also responsible for motivation programmes and the development of service standards. There are other tasks performed by the department, namely:

The quality control department works on employee involvement in the communication process. It identifies mistakes and areas for attention. There are quite strict rules here, with their own standards and frameworks. More than 150 people work in the unit to create better customer service. Around 1,000 people have convinced themselves that Keller Finance Limited scam is not true by opening accounts here.

The broker and his attitude to client problems

The company can help with the choice of investment options. It also provides tax consultation.
Clients are always a priority for Keller Finance Limited. If there are any difficulties, you can always contact the support team.

The subdivision is involved:

Clients can count on full support and agreement on strategies. There are no nasty surprises or unaccounted-for payments. If Keller Finance Limited fraud, would they care about the users? You can trust this broker. Its reliability is confirmed by its licenses.


Reviews of forex brokers show that Keller Finance Limited is a good broker. 1000 satisfied customers have opened accounts here. All the terms are transparent and easy to understand. No overpayments or unrecorded payments. The best support service.


Question: -Is the company Keller Finance Limited scam?

Answer: - It is not, because Keller Finance Limited is a SWIFT affiliate, which shows not only that it is a reliable company, but also that it enjoys high status.

Question: - What should I do if there are some difficulties?

The answer: - The fixed contact details for customer support are mentioned above and can also be found on the company's website.

Question: - Should to trust the black lists of brokers?

Answer: - So-called blacklists of brokers are nothing but an unfair method of competition, therefore one should not trust a knowingly false and biased point of view.

Justin Long

Trading with this broker for over two years, and always leave only positive reviews. I am satisfied with the quality of customer service and technical support. I get my money without any problems.

Sharon Collins

I have been working with the company for more than 2 years as everything suits me so far. There are a lot of interesting things to learn from lately. Especially with the impending crisis, well, the coronavirus has also played a role. The markets shook, and in fact for a trader, the best environment to make money is the crisis.

Scott Gray

I was changing broker. I decided to register with BCS. You will laugh, but I could not even master this step. I had a lot of troubles with no problems, scans, documents to certify, so I gave up and did not continue. I have seen on the forum reviews about the ease of opening an account with the new broker Keller Finance Limited and I went there. I did not know how new it was, it had been on the market for a couple of years already. Just not particularly well known, although the reviews are generally positive. So, I registered here in two minutes, poured three hundred dollars, loaded the docks and immediately began trading. I also had some fun with MetaTrader 4, but I just downloaded and installed it. What I like about it is that MT has its own mobile app. It helps me get my trading without having to go anywhere, on the road. The trading conditions are good enough for me. It's good that there are static spreads and no deposit or withdrawal fees. It is clear that here you also have to tinker a little with paperwork. But you have to do it only when you make your first withdrawal, when you've been trading for quite a long time and you're completely familiar with it, not at the very beginning, even before you start trading.

Carl Hoffman

Thanks to this company I have much more experience than I could on any type of training course. I have been working with them for over 7 weeks now and I am extremely satisfied, great support and good software.

Louis Lindsey

Great service. Everything is done for the comfort of the trader to work comfortably. It is very important that there is no slippage when sending orders. Market analysis tools are very powerful. And everything is close by, including the news section. You can also see all of your movements in development.

King Eustace

Based on my use by the site keller finance limited I can say that the site is very useful for people who are engaged in trading on promotions, currencies and securities and so on. A convenient interface, if a person who decided to use keller finance limited has interested this type of earnings and does not know how and what to do, then there is a website keller finance limited who tells about everything, it is described in detail how to make money from the simplest topics, ending with foreign currency changes During the crisis and other things and how to make money on this, I advise everyone to start training, and then start trading. Good luck in endeavors!

Douglas Joshua

In keller finance limited, everything is very good in itself. Although, of course, I trade very little time to speak for sure. But for a few months of cooperation, almost everything suited me. The site is well decorated, and there are no problems with work so far. Very polite personnel in technical support, which, in my opinion, is a rather important factor. I read that some have problems with the withdrawal of funds. I myself have not encountered this yet. Let's see what will happen next.

White Brian

I trade on keller finance limited not so long ago, but in three months I was able to evaluate the work, both the site and technical support. The site is the main component, the root of everything. It works quickly, even with a slow Internet connection. All buttons are pressed the first time. Technical support are competent specialists who answer all questions will help if there is a controversial situation or problems with the withdrawal of funds. With a whole service, I am satisfied. Good luck to everyone in trade.

Harmon Kevin

I trade as postponers - the performance is almost perfect (so as not to jinx it). I am very rare from the market - and the execution is also excellent; True, I open transactions at the end of the day. In the fast market, anyone will have slipping (except for kitchens, but you try to get money from the kitchens later). By the way: have you ever seen a slip in the fund? .. On keller finance limited they are microscopic compared to the fund.

Paul Simmons

I stumbled upon a Keller Ltd broker when I was looking for a broker with low trade costs and a good reputation. They seemed to me a good choice, and I decided to open an account with them. I have never regretted! You can open a real account for only 1 dollar, and they have the lowest trade costs. Very quick input/withdrawal of funds, there are many different ways to enter and withdraw funds. Extremely good customer service! Any questions that you have, you can be sure that they will answer you very quickly. They also have a large assortment of trade for trade. I can only recommend this broker, you will not be disappointed! The quality of the Keller LTD broker service is quite satisfied, but I would like technical specialists to work on the mobile application, but as I understand it, I understand it will soon be improvements and updates. So I believe that when choosing a broker, it is important to pay attention to - how much a broker works in the market, whether he has everything in order with documents, a license, etc. Treat seriously to choosing your broker.

Arthur Johnson

KELLER LTD Broker offers trading accounts with market and instant execution. You can open them to see that it works better for you when you sell news. Trading accounts with market execution can be given requests, and instant execution can lead to slipping. However, I am sure that in most cases you will not have problems with the performance here even at volatile sessions, because the broker did everything possible to ensure uninterrupted trade. I won’t be surprised if you do not see a chart and slippage here at all, although this does not mean that you can’t face it here. Some emergency news, along with a sudden political crisis, can bring such inconvenience, but even in this case they will be temporary. In addition, if you are trading in the long run and work for senior timeframes, then the question of a company and slippage for you does not make sense. It bothers scalper more. Although this does not mean that you cannot face it here.

Michael Fletcher

I want to say that I started trading with Keller Ltd as a beginner about 3 years ago. Until now, I am still with this broker, because they give many opportunities for profitable trade. You can try to trade on Forex without any risk and check their trade conditions on free demo accounts. And they offer many educational materials to improve your trade skills. Keller Ltd is a professional and honest broker. Reliability is tested by time. It seems that this broker is popular among traders. I don’t know why I think so, but after I understood how much the company did in order to present a fresh product, I realized that such a company should have high popularity. Otherwise, this is nonsense. Many platforms, a good training center, responsive customer support, what else needs traders and investors to achieve their goals. It is always cool when you can start with a greater amount than the broker recommends. In principle, the larger the amount, the greater the potential profit. That's why I appreciate it.

John Brown

I believe that Keller Ltd does not need my advertising at all. It is unlikely that there will be at least one trader with significant experience that does not know about Forex Broker. And this is not because of aggressive marketing, but due to the fact that the company is very customer-oriented and working hard to bring its services to a level higher. KELLER LTD is a broker with the largest number of advanced technical tools, platforms, tools, markets and other additional options for better trade. Personally, I use the Ctrader platform with several customizable robots for automatic trade. This box is at the top among other companies and has many awards for the quality of services. I can say that Keller Ltd Broker is not opposed to its customers to use trading bots. In addition, platforms available to the broker customers can be used to automate trade and have special functions. As far as I know, the broker offers some auxiliary trading automation services.

Gregory Howard

New Functions are Added to the Platform on a Regular Basis - Just Follow The Security "What is New?" Innings. A reliable trading platform that includes, in my opinion, everything that is necessary for a typical retail trader for successful trading is market orders and many variations of conditional orders that allow you to act as an internal liquidity supplier and receive more favorable prices. Their Professional and Friendly Staff Will Help You Answer Your Questions and Solve Your Problems Quickly and with Respect. Forex Market is Indeed One of the Most Profitable and Effective Areas in the Market. This is true. And I Advise Many to Try. But of Course, You Need to Get Accquainted with Her Well and Practice on the Demo Account. I Usir Platform, And, My God, this is One Smooth, Well-STRUCTURED PLATFORM, Which ALSO Allows The USE of Trailing Stop on the Server. KELLER FINANCE LIMITED DIFFERS FROM OTERA BROKERS WITS Approach to Learning and Its Worth Paying Attend and Take Training Seriously.

Robert Garza

The Interbank market Forex works around the clock. Many traders every minute make a profit on the exchange rate difference of currencies. Forex trading is carried out with various indices, securities and precious metals. The conclusion of all transactions is carried out through the intermediary, which is Forex Broker, I have chosen Keller Ltd for myself. Forex trading online does not require installation of special software. Trade operations take place in the Metatrader terminal, which can be downloaded from the Keller Ltd website. Being one of the most famous Forex brokers, Keller Ltd has long gained international popularity. In addition to modern services, customers open round-the-clock access to a variety of services for conducting Internet trading on Forex, investment solutions, training and much more. Many novice investors and professional traders have already opted for Keller Ltd as one of the most reliable brokers. For productive work on Forex, the company offers all the necessary tools that can be used anywhere in the globe.

John Smith

The essence of the profitable trade in the Forex market is to buy an asset at a minimum price and its subsequent sale for maximum using the Forex of the Keller LTD broker. It is this difference between the purchase and sale that is profit. Forex prices do not change racks. All trend movements depend on many factors that traders should take into account before the transaction. The correct and comprehensive market analysis makes it possible to draw up the correct forecast of the further development of price movement in order to identify favorable moments for purchase / sale. In the case when independent trade seems excessively complex to you, you can use the PAMM-service service at the Keller LTD broker. Forex trading online does not require installation of special software. Trade operations take place in the Metatrader terminal, which can be downloaded from the company's website. Many traders every minute make a profit on the exchange rate difference between the currencies with the Keller LTD broker. Forex trading is carried out with various indices, securities and precious metals.

Jason Miller

Many beginners have a question where to learn how to trade. It is quite difficult to find out the experience of conducting successful trade, as well as to find out in more detail that this Forex is quite difficult, so Keller LTD gives beginners the opportunity to take training courses at the Trading Academy. As a result, in addition to acquiring basic knowledge about the Forex market, you will learn about analysis methods, and most importantly, you will receive information on how to avoid typical mistakes for beginners. Having gained knowledge on the Keller LTD website, you will get acquainted with the basics of Money Management and the advantages of automatic trade in the Forex market. The broker provides more than 50 free courses and seminars for both novice traders and customers who already have a certain trade experience. Daily analytics from leading Keller LTD specialists, news and ready -made trade ideas will help you to make the right decision during trading in the Forex online market. A complement to all knowledge is a chat for traders, communication in which occurs in real time ..

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