Keller Ltd reviews: customers are delighted

Keller Ltd review as of 2022

The search of a forex broker has never been easier, seriously. Even the first attempt brings you dozens of companies. Each of them promotes its unique offers and its unbelievable benefits for users, of course. But how do you know whether it is true? That is a tricky question.

The broker’s position in the search results can’t be the answer for that, of course. The choice is too responsible thing to trust search algorithms to make it instead of you. Especially when we know, that that position could be improved – just a matter of skills and money, not more, not less.

This what this feature is about. We are going to review the forex broker Keller Ltd to decide whether the company is reliable and what its strong and weak points are.

Official website of Keller Ltd

This what our tour starts with – most obvious and basic thing, you may say. However, this approach is still working. Website is the company’s front entrance (or rather its shop window), that is where it starts making the impression on a potential client. Links not working of leading to nowhere, empty pages, security certificate problems, absence of requisites, all sorts of minor inaccuracies and mistakes – these things are just unacceptable. Criteria too strict? Nothing of the kind, if we speak about a potential partner to manage our savings.

And there are things which just have to be on the website. We mean such markers as registration data, contacts, contact and feedback forms, terms and conditions written absolutely clearly. We should find these things easily. If we don’t – well, that’s a disturbing sign, something maybe wrong with the company.

So, we’ve spent several minutes browsing through the website of our potential guide in the world of forex trade Keller Ltd, looking here and there. The first impression is rather positive. Website design is strict, the links are working, and pages are loading. The data on the company and the variants of investment options that Keller Ltd offers are there, and they are quite enough. Navigation is pretty simple, we haven’t wasted much time to find what we need. Looks like the company didn’t try to save its money on website design and development. The money weren’t spent on some high-end design solutions though, but it is not a creative bureau or web design agency in the end of the day. So we can say that Keller Ltd website meets our expectations and needs, or those of a potential client.

Keller Ltd account types

Now it is time to go deeper into details. We are get all the needed info and to open an account if the conditions are OK, aren’t we? So let us see what is the offer. There is something to choose. The minimal deposit for Beginner account type is just EUR100, the deposit for Investor account is EUR200,000. This suggests that forex broker Keller Ltd works with clients of any kind and level of income (see the table below). The terms and conditions are quite clear – you pay more and get more, verify your account and start trading whenever you want.  

The commission rates are characterized as low, but it would be fair to call them average for the market. On the other hand, commission rates is brokers’ earnings, and nobody works just to post losses. Even more, it is also one of the means of detecting a fraudster. If the company claims its commissions are lowest on the market and they really are, most likely is it going to get your money in some other way, not necessarily the legal one. We bet you don’t really want to know in what way exactly. Forex broker’s Keller Ltd average commission rates rather show us that the company is focused on trading, and not on something else, which can be not quite legal.

Account type






Minimal deposit in EUR






Assets available

9 major currencies

2 types of assets

3 types of assets

4 types of assets

4 types of assets

Other options

- Get Started,

- More than 25 tools available,

- personal account manager,

3 insured trades;

-fixed/floating spreads.


- Get started,

- More than 50 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- micro-lot trading,

- company landing,

4 insured trades,

- fixed/floating spreads.



- Get started,

- More than 200 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- account insurance,

- 5 insured trades,

- micro-lot trading,

- fixed/floating spreads.


- Get started,

- More than 250 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- 10 insured trades,

- mentor training program,

- fixed/floating spreads,

- 50% bonus,

- account insurance,

- Group of signals for contracts.

- Get started,

- More than 300 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- 15 insured trades,

- 70% bonus,

- аccess to company reserve fund,

- group of signals for insured contracts?

- Fixed / floating spreads,

- Personal analyst,

- account insurance.


Keller Ltd deposit and withdrawals

OK, lets say we have picked the account type we like. How we can deposit money on it, and which is more important, how we can withdraw the funds? That’s another tricky question. The decision on whether the broker fits us depends on the answer. The key indicators are accessibility of the options and their number. The bigger number of options (and their accessibility) the more chances the broker is legit. The fewer number of methods of payment (or their exotic nature) the more chances that we are about to start working with somebody we really shouldn’t work with.

Forex broker Keller Ltd accepts CashU, bank transfers and payments with Visa and MasterCards as well. The set of options available may seem a bit conservative, but that’s not bad. The transfer takes up to 2 days since the request, so it is better to keep that gap in mind.

Keller Ltd cabinet

After we have passed verification we can finally try what being a client of Keller Ltd feels like. The functionality is more or less familiar for the users who know what MetaTrader platform is and who worked with it before. Setting up and customization options are available, but it still looks a bit special. We mean these built-in Calendar and News modules, and other all-in-one things. Well, maybe it will appear to be comfortable and even can help us saving our time later. Beginner account does not let us see literally all options of Keller Ltd forex platform, but everything promised for this type of account is here. Overall impression of cabinet is good. Hopefully, we will be able to customize everything to make it more comfortable later. But this is very personal issue, everything depends on habits and preferences of one’s own.

Keller Ltd customer reviews

There is another important stage – the broker’s reputation. Before we let Keller Ltd help us managing our investment funds we want to make sure we are not going to make a mistake. How we can find it out? Obviously, by checking the experience of people who did exactly the same thing before. There are different stories, and somebody's success is someone else failure, you know. Special forums, review websites, groups in social media – they all are at our service in this case.

But there is one thing to clarify – first and foremost, we need something specific, with as many details as possible. We don’t need online criticism of Keller Ltd as it is (even if we find it, of course). Details, it is all about details. Criticism for criticism alone has no value, especially if/when it inspired by competitors.

So if we find something interesting and the critique’s argument seems worth attention, let’s ask him an additional question. It is as simply as that: if he or she is a person really lost his money because of the trader’s wrongdoing, the author will most likely answer. His logic will be something like “Well, I’ve made a mistake, but warning others about it would be the right thing to do”. But if the author of the message earns living by writing negative or positive reviews, he will most likely ignore any further questions. Why would he spend his time on the answer when he can write another review or two and get more money for that? That job is piece-work paid, after all.

But in case with forex broker Keller Ltd we didn’t manage to find really negative reviews. Not because we weren’t trying to find them or tried not hard enough though. But there were no reasons to ask those additional questions.

Keller Ltd pros and cons

Looks like we have collected enough facts and impressions to make the conclusion on the company. What should it be? There are pros and there are cons, and it seems reasonable to start with the latter. The first thing, which caught our attention: the gap between the Beginner account and the next one (Silver) looks huge. Minimal deposit of EUR100 and then EUR2,500. How about people for whom EUR2,500 is too much?

Then the second one, of the same nature. Besides forex, Keller Ltd offers investments in stocks, commodities and indicies. That is quite interesting, but not for Beginner account again. The latter can operate just with 9 major currencies, assets of various types are reserved for accounts of the higher class. There is some logic behind this decision, but it could be interesting to test the platform with various types of assets, isn’t it? It is still quite an unusual offer for a forex broker, all those various assets.

And there is one more thing to mention: the support could definitely work faster. The answer within 24 hours in XXI century – really? There are brokers who still work like that, but there also others, who managed to cope with that significantly faster, which is more convenient for clients.

So we are done with cons and can move to pros. Keller Ltd website looks good and is completely functional, no serious mistakes or some bad signs in terms of the broker’s reliability. The mobile application is also a bonus, not every broker on the market has it so far, though frankly speaking we haven’t tested it yet. That rather looks like a topic of a separate Keller Ltd application review in future.

All options promised by the company exist; at least we could find and test everything offered for Beginner account in this regard. We couldn’t find any complaints on problems with money transfers to and from Keller Ltd, which is definitely a good sign. The company’s name is not found in various black lists of fraudsters who just pretend to be brokers. The set of payment methods supported by Keller Ltd is quite universal and look like a good match for an average client using its services online.

So, putting it simply, pros beat cons not only because of their number but also because of their importance. Nobody is perfect, of course, and we may be mistaken somewhere, but all facts included in this Keller Ltd review as of 2022 are quite easy to double-check. Finally yet importantly, the final decision is up to you, we just hope that our review would be useful in this.

Sandra Howard

I have been trading with Keller Finance Limited for two months, and in general I have been in the business for a couple of years. (For me it is like a hobby) It is an adequate broker with low static spreads, good analytics and very smart support. I have never noticed that my phone is empty, while I was driving in the car. I put my smartphone on charge, stopped the car and quickly called our support service. Managers told me what to do first, so as not to unexpectedly fly into a loss. I hope that over time there will be additional channels of communication and chat online support.

Lisa James

Now there are a lot of companies that are not honest, so I have been choosing among the lesser known and larger brokers for a very long time. This week I came to the conclusion that this is still the best option. I have decided that I am going to trade in the medium term. I already have a developed strategy for that. And in the medium to long term, things should be good here.

Erika Rodriquez

I was changing brokers. I decided to register with BCS. You'll laugh, but I couldn't even take that step. I had a lot of troubles with no problems, scans, documents to certify, I gave up and did not continue. I have seen on the forum reviews about the ease of opening an account with the new broker Keller Finance Limited and I went there. I did not know how new it was, it had been on the market for a couple of years already. Just not particularly well known, although the reviews are generally positive. So, I registered here in two minutes, poured three hundred dollars, loaded the docks and immediately began trading. I also had some fun with MetaTrader 4, but I just downloaded and installed it. What I like about it is that MT has its own mobile app. It helps me get my trading without having to go anywhere, on the road. The trading conditions are good enough for me. It's good that there are static spreads and no deposit or withdrawal fees. It is clear that here you also have to tinker a little with paperwork. But you have to do it only when you make your first withdrawal when you've been trading for quite a long time and you're completely familiar with it, not at the very beginning, even before you start trading.

Frances Fitzgerald

At the beginning of last year I came to Veltrade with a holiday bonus. I dabbled a bit, but my expectations were not met. After that I tried a couple of other brokers. In general everything is the same plus/minus, but there are nuances and it is necessary to choose trading conditions for oneself. It's good that there is a choice. At present I trade with Keller Finance Limited, a young Forex broker. I like it. Spreads are lower here, static, no commissions. I like them. Spreads are lower, no commissions, no orders are executed promptly and the withdrawal is also fast. Yesterday I withdrew 50 bucks to my card and it took one hour to transfer the money. I should mention that there is an affiliate program. Some kind of bonuses are announced but I have not seen them yet. There is no tournaments and contests, webinars too.

Gary McDonald

I trade with the broker and I am happy with my results so far. I also recommend that you open a demo account before you start trading and practice a little there. Honestly, it's no different than a real one. My opinion is that you can make money here if you have a head on your shoulders.

Deborah Wells

I recommend taking a closer look at a broker. And it will be cheaper than the stock market, and you can gamble on the downside, not just wait for the rate to go up. I didn't even think it would work out so well.

Charles Thomas

This first experience is very positive for me. I do not know how it will go further, but I am confident in the integrity of the platform: I have already withdrawn money to my bank card 2 times.

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