Experts from Marwick Investments Limited scam on Forex and its alarming signals check list

Marwick Investments Limited scam on Forex and its alarming signals check list


Marwick Investments Limited broker

 Marwick Investments Limited reviews

Marwick Investments Limited scam protection team, experts from London name the signs of dishonest companies.

Investments in the foreign exchange market are an area of increased risk. Clients can not only run into a new inexperienced broker, but you can also meet a real scammer. Marwick Investments Limited, a London-based broker that has been providing advisory services and operating its own trading terminal for five years. This broker often meets scammers in the market - and conducts educational work for its clients.

A decent broker or scam, - an example of a company with informative sites

The first sign of a scam broker is a discrepancy between the information stated on the site and the real services provided by the broker. The first condition - the broker on the site must have a real opportunity for online trading. The lack of a trading terminal is a sign of a swindler broker. You can download the trading terminal only on the broker's website. Brokers often offer several versions of a trading terminal like Marwick Investments Limited:

What else is important to pay attention to - if the site has little or not enough information to read. If you still have questions after carefully studying the site, and the broker evades the answers, think, is not a scammer in front of you? Lots of information, but nothing specific? This is the main danger signal. Questions can be basic - the place and time of registration of the broker, the commission, spreads, leverage, training materials, methods of market analysis. Remember: swindlers are not interested in market trends, he does not have the necessary knowledge and skills.

What to look for when choosing a broker? scam check list

Broker's legal registration address

The site of a good broker should indicate: country, legal address of the company. If the office is located at a different address, the website must still have the address of the main office. All this data is posted on the main page of the site.

Phone numbers and other means of communication must be available to contact support. It is also important to indicate the address of the broker, in case of claims letters are sent to this address.

Trading conditions

Fraudsters come up with all sorts of schemes to attract customers and get their money. At the same time, it is not clear where all these huge percentages of profit should come from. If the situation is not clear - do not start cooperation in such a company.

Here is an example of tariff plans of normal companies:

Be sure to study the information about the company based on user reviews about it. Finding information about a broker that has long been on the market is not so difficult. Pay attention to the following points:


What distinguishes the schemes, which in fact - divorce Marwick Investments Limited reminds: dishonest brokers hide information about themselves, promise unrealistic profits, do not provide registration addresses and contact information. Study the brokerage company's website well and make informed decisions.



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