Jaguar Land Rover is committed to the lowest level of emissions. Ecology is an important for the company

Overview of Jaguar Land Rover's sustainable design concept

Sustainability and motorsport are two concepts that seem to be increasingly linked, but it is not something that refers exclusively to the manufacture of models not powered by fossil fuels. Many brands work to reduce their environmental impact at all times and Jaguar Land Rover is an example of this.

The British company has been working for several years to achieve net zero carbon emissions in the supply chain, products and operations by 2039. To do this, they have focused on different aspects, so that they continue to offer quality cars, but in a more sustainable way. sustainable.

Manufacturing based on the circular economy

Building a car is a complex and painstaking process, but it shouldn't be harmful to the environment. For this reason, Jaguar Land Rover has acted to reduce water consumption in its production plants by 70%, as well as the volume of waste in landfills by 54%.

In part, this has been achieved thanks to the idea of manufacturing more quantity using fewer resources. How can you get this? By reusing waste and materials where possible. In addition, work is being done to give a second or third life to the batteries of electric cars. All in all, the company is currently eliminating more than 14 million single-use plastic items.

However, sustainability can be promoted in various ways and curbing the use of certain materials can have a big impact. Some can be given a second life, while others can be replaced by more respectful alternatives.

For example, the reuse of aluminum is one of the keys, since it is present in many second-hand vehicles. By taking this component and transforming it into a new high-quality one, it can be used again in a new car without losing its qualities. Of course, the idea is to end up replacing this material and steel with more efficient compounds.

Jaguar Land Rover sustainability

On the other hand, when it comes to car interiors, it is possible to continue manufacturing quality interiors with recycled materials. One of the most important to Jaguar Land Rover is ECONYL nylon, which is made from plastics sourced from the sea and landfill. Reduces emissions by 90% compared to those that come from oil

Along with it, leather alternatives are also used that we can find in the 'Materiality' range. One example is the Kvadrat wool blend, the company's first plant-based textile, made from eucalyptus fibers and ECONYL.

Monitoring, evaluation and investigation

With all these actions, an improvement in sustainability is already achieved, but it would not be enough without the idea of continuing to advance. In this regard, the company monitors and assesses controllable carbon emissions to reduce CO2 across manufacturing by 72% compared to 2007 Scope 1 emission levels.

On the other hand, the purchase of renewable electricity for manufacturing has also been crucial. With this action, CO2 derived from electricity consumption has been reduced by 70% compared to 2007 Scope 2 levels.

Finally, actions in needy places also have an impact, not only on the environment, but also on people's lives. With the idea of improving the situation in remote communities or affected by catastrophes, in the last financial year the company worked with more than 1,100 organizations.

This is not something new, yes. Since 1954, Land Rover has collaborated with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). In addition, since 2007 they have collaborated with ClimatCare by investing in projects that improve the environment, as well as working with LifeStraw to reduce carbon emissions and provide clean water where it is needed.

In this way, it is clear that there are many actions that can be carried out to improve life and that you can always go further. The goal is to leave a better planet and in that case, everything that is done is never too much.



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