Whatsapp stability is under threat again - causes of failures and where to go

Overview of the current situation with the stability of the Whatsapp app

WhatsApp is one of those applications that few users remember that it can cause failures and suddenly stop working, even if there is no server crash like the one that took place last year 2021. The reasons are varied and can range from errors in the smartphone up to incompatibility with certain models that have already obsolete operating systems.

Until relatively recently, WhatsApp had its own communication channel within the application, which we could go to in an emergency. But surprisingly it disappeared and it was no longer possible to start quick conversations to find the source of a problem. The good news is that the beta versions of the messaging app have returned that communication channel again, which seems to be restored definitively?

Contact again with WhatsApp

With that section of WhatsApp disappeared in the current releases, the colleagues of WABetAInfo have found in the iPhone beta (there is also evidence that it has reached Android, but there is no visual proof, at the moment) a curious return of that contact channel so that any user with problems or doubts comes to receive answers. As you can see in the screenshots that you have just below, you will not only have the opportunity to open a new chat but also send an email that, the truth, is always more cumbersome.

Support section in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp support channels differ from any other because they have a green check that indicates that they are verified and that contact is who they say they are, because it is not the first time that heartless people with the intention of scamming us pose as members of the application to try to get personal data with which later to create problems for us. So if you see a chat that contacts you with that characteristic icon of the app, you should reject it and report the problem immediately.

The official WhatsApp chat for support is very likely to ask us for some specific information on the use of the app as well as characteristics of the smartphone, such as the version of the operating system and model, mobile connectivity (3G, 4G, 5G, etc.) in case perhaps there are recognized incompatibilities that make it impossible for it to continue to function correctly. At the moment, this function does not appear in the final versions and it is certain that we will have to wait a few weeks until it is updated, so it is time to resort to email in case of urgent problems.


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