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Revolut Cryptocurrency Exchange

Revolut, which initially started out as a fintech startup offering innovative banking services, has since expanded its product range significantly to include cryptocurrency transactions. The introduction of cryptocurrency exchange functionality was a significant step for the company, opening up the possibility for users to buy, sell and exchange various cryptocurrencies directly through their mobile app. In this article, we will thoroughly analyse the features of the Revolut cryptocurrency platform, evaluate its functionality and prospects for users and investors.

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Main features of the platform

Taxation and regulatory framework

Revolut strictly complies with regulatory requirements in the countries where it provides its services. This implies that all cryptocurrency transactions must comply with local tax laws, which is important for users following tax regulations.

Commissions and Fees

Revolut charges a commission for cryptocurrency transactions, which can vary depending on the user's subscription level. For example, for regular accounts, the cryptocurrency exchange fee is approximately 1.5%, which is a competitive offer in the market. Users with a premium account can expect a lower commission and additional privileges.

Revolut's commission guidelines

Revolut applies different commissions for cryptocurrency transactions, which depend on the type of user account and trading volume. It is important to note that these fees can vary depending on market conditions and Revolut's internal policies.

Users with standard accounts are typically charged a fee of around 2.5% for each transaction of buying or selling cryptocurrencies. This commission level is relatively higher compared to other platforms.

Users with premium and metal accounts have their cryptocurrency transaction fees reduced to around 1.5%. This incentivises the use of more expensive subscriptions.

Additionally, in addition to standard trading fees, Revolut may charge an additional exchange fee when purchasing cryptocurrencies in a currency other than the user's account currency.

Factors affecting commissions

Different factors can affect Revolut's commissions and spreads:

Comparison with other platforms

When comparing Revolut's commissions with other popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase, it can be seen that Revolut's rates are usually higher. This is because Revolut is a more versatile platform offering a wide range of financial services rather than specialising solely in cryptocurrencies.

Recommendations for users:

Main limits on the Revolut platform

Cryptocurrency transaction limits on Revolut differ depending on the type of user account: standard, premium or metal. These limits are set to ensure transaction security and compliance with legal requirements.

Factors affecting the setting of limits

Revolut X

Revolut, a leading financial player in Europe, has also unveiled Revolut X, a standalone cryptocurrency exchange designed to cater to both professional traders and retail customers in the UK. The new platform, differentiated from the main Revolut app, offers a wide range of trading options with over 100 tokens.

An important feature of the new platform is its commission structure. Revolut X offers competitive trading conditions, giving market makers the opportunity to trade commission-free and market-takers the opportunity to trade with a commission of 0.09%. These rates are fixed and do not depend on the volume of trades.

Revolut X is available to all retail customers in the UK, providing integration with the main Revolut app and allowing transactions without commissions or transfer restrictions.

However, Revolut is also adapting to changing regulatory requirements, as has been the case with recent changes in the US and UK. This reflects the company's commitment to regulatory compliance and adapting to new market conditions.

In addition, Revolut continues to expand its services and engage with the cryptocurrency community. The recent launch of the Revolut Ramp feature and the addition of the Dash cryptocurrency to the Revolut X platform demonstrate the company's willingness to dialogue with users and meet their diverse investment needs.

Corporate Profile and Regulatory Status of Revolut Ltd

Revolut Ltd, registered in England and Wales under the number 08804411, located at 7 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London, England, E14 4HD, is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, registration number 900562. A subsidiary, Revolut Travel Ltd, has also been authorised by the FCA to carry on activities relating to the distribution of insurance services, registration number 780586. Insurance products are developed by Revolut Travel Ltd in conjunction with Revolut Ltd, which acts as the appointed representative of Revolut Travel Ltd.

In equities trading, products are offered through Revolut Trading Ltd, registration number 832790, which is an appointed representative of Solution Compliance Ltd, regulated and authorised by the FCA.

Revolut Ltd is registered with the FCA and provides cryptocurrency services in accordance with the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on Payers) Regulations 2017. It is worth noting that Revolut's commodity services are not subject to supervision by the FCA.

The Revolut app provides users with the ability to buy, sell, deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency, providing easy access to basic functions. Revolut has also developed a separate desktop platform, Revolut X, specialising in more complex cryptocurrency transactions. This platform offers advanced analytical tools, reduced fees and reduced spreads, making it an ideal choice for more experienced cryptocurrency users. A primary Revolut account is required to access Revolut X.


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