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20 / 01 / 22

Whatsapp stability is under threat again - causes of failures and where to go

WhatsApp support channels differ from any other because they have a green check that indicates that they are verified and that contact is who they say they are, because it is not the first time that heartless people with the intention of scamming us pose as members of the application to...

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10 / 01 / 22

Binary4Traders: how not to lose all attachments. SCAMMERS!

Binary4Traders is an online Forex broker that makes it possible to work with a negative balance. This is usually done so that a citizen spends as much money as possible patching up a hole in the balance sheet.

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07 / 01 / 22

That's why we think. Voytegon broker is a scam that is not worth investing in

If we go to the official website of Voytegon -, we will find that this company provides intermediary services for trading on the Forex market in England. In addition, Voytegon provides software for financial transactions.


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04 / 04 / 23


OPCs (Collective Investment Commitments) are investment funds which invest the savings of several investors into the same portfolio.

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31 / 01 / 23

GE conglomerate's health care subsidiary will go public

A subsidiary of U.S. health care conglomerate GE went public Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange, the first step in splitting the former industrial giant into three separate companies.

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10 / 12 / 22

The stock market: the pros and cons of selling at a loss for tax optimization

Selling at a loss as a way to reduce taxes is a strategy that allows investors with unregistered accounts to reduce or eliminate capital gains. The idea behind such sale is to recover a certain amount already paid in taxes.