Crypto website. An overview of the events of 2017. How things have changed.

The main and crucial events of 2017. Crypto website- history of changes.

The introduction of bitcoin futures - a turning point in crypto economics.

In fact, it means full entry of crypto currency into the world economy and displays two positive trends. Firstly, the need for futures as such indicates that large players are interested in crypto currencies. Consequently, crypto market can expect multimillion-dollar investments. Secondly, this is the first cautious "official" step of crypto currency in the traditional market. The first step is usually followed by the second, third and so on. Quite possibly, these steps will soon become more and more rapid as the yield of crypto currency exceeds the profitability of other assets. Investors who believe in such prospects will use this opportunity and skeptics will just stick to on short-term investments.

Legalization and/or introduction of taxes on crypto currencies also made 2017 a turning point in the crypto sphere.

After taxation was introduced in the United States some holders felt less free but the majority sighed with relief. This measure, according to investors, is the first step on the way to full crypto currency recognition in the country and hence to guarantees and protection by the law. Similarly, the legalization of a number of operations with Bitcoin and the Ethereum in Japan, recognition in Germany, etc. did the same thing.

The prohibition of crypto currency in China and a number of other countries operates on the same principle as legalization but vice versa.

The most notable was in China as China has the status of one of the largest trading states and there are many mining giants based there. The permission for crypto currencies by the Chinese authorities would increase their turnover in the world market by hundreds of times - and the ban has worked in the same way, only in the opposite direction. The consequence has been in one of the biggest falls in the history of Bitcoin, and after it fell alternative coins went the same path (however, then Bitcoin and altcoins in demand recovered: the world economy is not influenced by China only).

The ban on crypto currencies in South Korea, Vietnam and other countries did not cause such consequences since their presence on the market is much less significant but the overall crypto currency status has slightly dropped.

As much as people think they know about crypto currencies, there is always a lot of other information to earn. In such cases, some sort of crypto website is of immense help. In order to understand well what Bitcoin is and how to interact with it, you will have to read and re-read a lot of theoretical material. And since there is a lot of such material on the Internet and it is not always clear how to begin, we have prepared for you a list of the most important websites related to this crypto currency.

The main and crucial events of 2017. Crypto website- history of changes.

The main websites dedicated to Bitcoin:

Useful resources


Informational resources



Interesting websites

As for cryptochats, there are multiple channels, which allow you to have a more personal approach to crypto currency trading and investing.

The main and crucial events of 2017. Crypto website- history of changes. (35,000 subscribers) - the news guide of Roger Ver's website They publish news, analytics as well as information about ICO-projects. What is useful:

Cointelegraph (54,000 subscribers) - one of the most prominent crypto currency portals not only publishes links to its webpages: reviews, news, advertising but also funny stories and cartoons. What is useful:

DeCenter (75,000 subscribers) - they start every morning the day with a newsletter with current news and they publish analytical and training articles for crypto enthusiasts during the day. In addition, you can debate all the topics in the cryptochat rooms about trading and mining. What is useful:

More and more people devote their time to invest in crypto currencies, especially considering the news about the next Bitcoin take-off. If you are new to crypto invests, do your homework, try to explore the topic and learn all the details. Start with a simple vocabulary, understand how the blockchain works – you can find dozens of useful videos on YouTube. Subscribe to Telegram-channels on blockchain, coins and investments - they will help you get it faster. Subscribe to Twitter accounts and blogs of the main people of the crypto currency community.

Join cryptochats of well-known traders. Chats are designed to ask questions, consult like-minded people, see what decisions other traders make in real time and keep track of important news. Logging into the chat will not be difficult - they all have open access. But if you came across some unexpected news or opinions on them, do not react to every price drop. It is better to follow the market, see how some news affects the rate in the long term. For example, Bitcoin has experienced a significant drop more than once: with the first major hacker robberies, with the ban of ICO in China and even with a negative mention of a crypto coin by some serious investor. But often within a few weeks the rate stabilized and we saw growth again.


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