The aggravation of the pandemic has led to an increase in insolvency in many industries

The tragic scale of the insolvency of Polish companies

Polish companies are becoming less solvent. Last year was tragic

It took only one year for the increase in insolvencies of Polish companies to increase by 71%. A negative trend can be seen in all the sectors analysed. Insolvency cases were more than three times more than in 2020

The reasons for the sudden jump are at least a few. Coface experts indicate a simplified procedure for procedures for the approval of the agreement. This type of procedure was introduced by the covid-19 of June 2020.

The mere opening of a new form of procedure takes place only through an announcement in the judicial and economic monitor and is not recorded by the court.

This year was a record

The total number of 2,125 insolvencies of Polish companies in 2021 is as much as 71 percent. higher than in 2020. The total number of insolvencies consisted of court proceedings (44%).) and out-of-court notices (56%).). Statistics can be disturbing. It turns out that 2021 brought an increase in insolvencies in all sectors, which reflects the economic situation associated with the pandemic exacerbations.


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The tragic scale of the insolvency of Polish companies
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The tragic scale of the insolvency of Polish companies
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The tragic scale of the insolvency of Polish companies
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