CAPartners scam, real reviews of

What is CAPartners? Divorce of traders.

There are always firms offering brokerage services in the Forex financial market. In order for clients to understand who they can trust, our employees made an overview of CAPartners operating in the UK.
Our experts have read the website, data from open databases.

Official website - overview is a template site with minimal data. The visitor is immediately offered to get acquainted with the tariffs, register a personal account and “start earning”.
Contact information - phone number and specified address.
Lack of information about the experience of providing services, valid contracts and certified documents, programs of work with users.
Additionally, for the review of, our staff analyzed the details of the domain name. We found that the domain name has been around for less than a month.
More information can only be obtained by registering an account.
Thus, it is safe to say that very little information is provided on the website, which certainly creates suspicion.


Overview of - legal address of the brand

After checking the specified address, published on the official website, we found a large number of publications about fraudulent activities, also related to scams in the Forex financial market.
Our experts did not find any facts indicating that an operating company is located at the official address published on
In addition, it is suspicious that the official address of CAPartners is not in Britain, where the company operates, but in another country.

CAPartners Review - Phone Number

After checking the phone, our experts found references to its use in fraudulent transactions. Previously, the phone was also used by scammers who pretended to be Internet brokers in the Forex financial market.

CAPartners review - reviews from users

An important part of the review is the study of reviews on the Internet. On the website, our experts found a small number of formulaic, false reviews with fake photos and non-existent names.
In the search, the results showed us many negative reviews and reviews of CAPartners.
As a rule, people write about the inability to return investments, the incomprehensible operation of programs, and the repulsive behavior of managers.
Based on this, judging by the mentions in the network, CAPartners are criminals.

Bonuses for registration from CAPartners

As a rule, start-up Forex companies offer new traders bonuses for registering an account. Basically, these are some positive gifts, such as advice from experienced analysts. However, on the website and in promotional materials, our staff has revealed bonus data in the amount of the initial deposit. It must be understood that these are deposits that an online broker gives to clients to earn money on Forex, and not invented tokens that do not go beyond the service.
This is extremely suspicious, since with such bonuses the time to receive profit from the client is delayed, with serious expenses.
It can be assumed that the reason is the amazing kindness of, but in fact everything is much simpler. Investments do not go beyond the boundaries of the service, since all CAPartners activities are fraudulent.

Account types for CAPartners

On the CAPartners website, you can actually find several types of accounts that differ not only in the features of work, but also in the size of the initial deposits. This is a standard technique for pushing customers to spend heavily, signing up for an expensive type of account.
Clients can be offered individual expert assistance, insured transactions, access to insider information. However, all this is a scam, used only to extort funds.
You should know that no matter how much money you invest, they will go to criminals, since CAPartners are scammers.


Leverage is a widely used trading tool in the Forex financial market, which makes it possible to conclude transactions for an amount greater than the user has. The missing money is borrowed from a broker. Companies that offer their users the opportunity to make transactions with high leverage are at great risk, therefore they only allow this opportunity to experienced traders. But CAPartners are scammers, so they use leverage to drive their clients into loans and demand the repayment of non-existent debt.

Deposit return time

People conduct transactions in the Forex market in order to earn income. Of course, this is unrealistic without receiving investments. So the question is born: "what are the terms for to receive deposits"? On the website, our experts have identified information that the withdrawal of money is made instantly and without commissions. In fact, even reputable, registered online brokers do not always offer such working conditions. What is the base?
The thing is that are criminals and do not plan to provide traders with the ability to withdraw funds. Therefore, are ready to promise attractive working conditions. But all their promises are empty.

Reviews appeared before CAPartners created the site

As our staff said earlier, the website has been up and running for less than a month. However, on well-known sites, you can find reviews that are three months old.
Most likely, CAPartners employees, before starting the scam, ordered custom reviews on popular resources so that users would get the feeling that the brand has been working for many months.

Examples of mentions about CAPartners:

CAPartners review - test period

On the official website there is no test access to the software that makes it possible to evaluate the quality of paid services.
CAPartners managers want the user to quickly transfer their confidential data to them and pay at least the smallest payment.

CAPartners Review - Withdraw Funds

From a formal point of view, the withdrawal of the user's finances occurs using a form on the official website of CAPartners. It is alarming that a user can use it without a registered account. Accordingly, the application will be considered manually, which is unrealistic with a significant number of traders.
Our experts concluded that this form is only used to demonstrate to future victims the ability to withdraw funds, but in fact it is not.


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