iDeal Trade reviews - SCAM!

What is Fraud, customer fraud.

Companies offering Forex brokerage services appear from time to time. In order for clients to understand who they can trust, our experts made an overview of iDeal Trade operating in the Republic of Poland.

Our experts analyzed the website, data from open data sources. official website - overview is a regular official site with a minimum amount of data. We are immediately offered to get acquainted with the tariffs, register a personal account and “trade on Forex”.

Contact information - phone number and address.

No information was found about the length of service provision, existing permits and official documents, user interaction programs.

In addition, for the review, our experts analyzed the domain name details. We found that the domain name has been around for less than thirty days.

More information can be found in your personal account.

Therefore, we can confidently state that very little information is published on the website, which of course raises doubts.

iDeal Trade Review - Specified Company Address

Having checked the address published on the website, our specialists found many publications about illegal frauds related to fraud in the Forex market.

Our employees did not find any confirmation that a legitimate company was registered at the official address published on

It also causes concern that the address of iDeal Trade is not in Polonia, where the company offers its services, but in another state. overview - phone number

After analyzing the phone, our experts identified references to its use in illegal fraud. Previously, the phone was also used by scammers pretending to be online Forex brokers.

iDeal Trade Review - Online Mentions

Another part of the review is the analysis of online reviews. On the website, we found a number of standard, false reviews with fake photos and non-existent names.

In the search engines, the results showed our experts a lot of bad mentions and reviews of iDeal Trade.

Most often, traders write about the inability to return the money, the incomprehensible operation of the software, the impolite behavior of employees.

That is, judging by the references on the Internet, iDeal Trade are scammers.

Bonuses for creating an account from

Typically, newly created brands that sell services in the Forex financial market offer bonuses to newly registered people for creating an account. As a rule, these are various positive trifles, for example, consultations of analytics specialists. And yet, on the official website of iDeal Trade and in promotional materials, our employees found references to gifts in the amount of the initial deposit. You need to understand that these are the funds that the online broker provides to clients for making money on Forex, and not some coins that do not go beyond the service.

This is extremely suspicious due to the fact that with such gifts, the period of receipt of profit from the client is extended, at serious expense.

Theoretically, one can conclude that the reason is the amazing goodness of iDeal Trade, but in fact, everything is much simpler. Investments do not go beyond the scope of the service, since all iDeal Trade work is a scam.

Account types for

On the official website of, it is possible to find several types of accounts that differ not only in trading rules, but also in the size of initial deposits. This is a common technique for pushing people to spend heavily, getting a more expensive type of account.

Users can sell personal assistance from specialists, guaranteed profitable transactions, access to exclusive information. However, all this is a lie, necessary only to knock out money.

You need to know that no matter how much money you transfer, it will go to criminals, because iDeal Trade is a scam.


Leverage is a common tool for conducting Forex transactions, which allows you to conduct transactions for an amount much larger than the user has. The missing deposits are dealt with by an online broker. Firms that offer their traders the opportunity to close deals with significant leverage take a serious risk, and therefore only allow this option to trusted players. But are scammers, therefore they use leverage to drive their traders into loans and seek payment for a fake loan.

Time to refund

Traders trade on the Forex financial market to earn money. Of course, this is not feasible without the possibility of withdrawing funds. Accordingly, the question arises: "Does have a deadline for receiving money"? On the website, our experts found data that the withdrawal of deposits is made instantly and without deductions. In practice, even serious, legal Internet brokers do not always offer such working conditions. What's the catch?

The fact is that are scammers and do not plan to give traders the opportunity to withdraw money. Therefore, is ready to offer the best working conditions. But all their suggestions are lies.

The reviews were there before they created the site

As our experts have already reported, the official site has been created for less than a month. However, on popular sites, you can find reviews that are two months old.

Most likely, specialists, before the start of fraudulent activities, paid for fake mentions on popular sites, so that traders get the feeling that the brand has been operating for a long time.

Some of reviews:

iDeal Trade Review - Free Trial

On the website there is no demo access to software that allows you to understand the quality of paid services.

iDeal Trade employees want the user to immediately give them their confidential information and transfer the minimum payment.

iDeal Trade Review - Withdrawals

Formally, the client's investment is withdrawn using a form on the website. It is doubtful that any user can use it, without an account. Accordingly, the appeal will be considered manually, which is unrealistic with a serious number of users.

Our experts concluded that this form is only used to show potential victims that it is possible to withdraw investments, but in fact it does not work.


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