Why Apple is saving the environment: genuine concern or commercial interest?

Why Apple is saving the environment?


In recent years, issues related to climate change and environmental degradation have become increasingly important. Large companies, especially tech giants like Apple, have become increasingly attentive to environmental issues. Some environmentalists suspect that Apple's motivation in this matter is purely commercial interest, but it can actually be seen that what matters to the company is a genuine desire to care for nature.

Apple has taken major steps towards increasing its environmental awareness and reducing its negative impact on the environment. In 2017, Apple stated their goal to achieve complete environmental neutrality by 2030 for their entire business, including their suppliers and product lifecycle. They promised to reduce their carbon load by 75% and switch to 100% renewable energy to manufacture their devices.

One example of implementing this policy was the use of sustainable materials. Apple has switched to using cadmium arsenide, polyvinyl chloride, and bromine-free glass in their products. They are also actively working to reduce the amount of plastic in the packaging of their gadgets. Through these and other measures, the company has demonstrated its genuine concern for the future of the planet.

Apple's commercial interest, of course, has also played a role in the company's environmental efforts. Environmental practices have become an attractive market aspect, and consumers have become increasingly interested in buying products that do not harm the environment. Apple, as a brand, realized this and decided to use environmental benefits in their marketing strategy. They actively engage consumers by emphasizing their concern for the environment and promoting it as one of the company's core values.

However, while commercial interest is a motivation for Apple, the company's genuine concern for the environment cannot be denied. Their global initiative to reduce carbon emissions and switch to renewable energy is a long-term and ambitious goal that requires significant effort and investment. The company actively cooperates with environmental experts, research centers and public authorities to develop and implement the most advanced environmental practices in their operations.

Thus, we can conclude that for Apple, the issue of environmental care is not only a commercial interest, but also part of their long-term sustainability strategy. The company demonstrates a genuine concern for the future of the planet by taking an active role in preserving the environment and reducing its negative impact on it. Environmental practices have become an integral part of their brand and the way they interact with consumers. Overall, this demonstrates that Apple is genuinely committed to true environmental responsibility.


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